Love and Lust

       Welcome Back, Gentle Reader. So yeah, I met this girl, we are falling even more in love while I write this, and I seem to be getting quite a bit of negative feedback. Mostly from female friends I have been talking to for years. Let me start by saying that I'm just as sad as you are that it wasn't you. Okay yeah, so we shared a few laughs, shared a few stories, and I'm even pretty sure our nipples touched once during a hug. This didn't make us soulmates, and we were never meant to be together. I'm sorry, but you missed your chance 7 years ago when you told me you didn't swallow. Sucks I know, but a man has to have principles and stick by them. If not, he ends up with 3 unruly children, a wife that doesn't put out on demand, and eventually, a bullet in his brain.

      So the most common thing I have been hearing is that it is just lust, you can't be in love yet. First off, don't pretend to understand where I've come from or how I feel. Just because it took you 15 months to realize you should probably just marry that fat-fuck, birth a couple kids, and get it over with because you wouldn't ever do any better, doesn't mean that my sweet virgin-ass was going to settle. I'm sorry that you can't pay your bills, teach your children manners, and have lost all hope of finding happiness. You should have thought of that before you let your husband give you herpes and made you feel like you could never be good enough for anyone else again.

      What it boils down to is how do you know when it's not just lust but the real thing. I never thought I would say this, but I can tell you that when you enjoy sitting there laughing with someone more than you enjoy the sex, you should do everything you can to hold on to that. That kind of thing doesn't just come along. It's special and you should treat it as such. You can always find some whore that will "love" the way you fuck her. But when "you know", you just "know." It doesn't matter what anyone else says. When you find someone that makes your face hurt from smiling, your stomach hurt from laughing, and your heart hurt from missing them, then you forget what everyone else is telling you, and just go with it. That kind of thing doesn't just come around everyday, So when you find it, you cherish it, and do your best to make it work.  Until next time, Gentle Reader.


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