A United State Of Mind

      Tender Reader, this political correctness shit has gots to go. It has gotten entirely out of hand. I do my best to not step over the line, but we all must realize that stereotypes are born from fact and learn to let it be. I'm guilty of taking the politically-correct thing too far myself. The other day I was talking with a friend, and he was saying how he can't believe that this girl would date a "fucking Wigger." Jesus man... really? If you don't mind, I prefer the term Wegro. No one wants to be a racist, but it doesn't mean that a lot of Mexicans don't cut grass and a lot of Indians don't call you Boss-Man. That is just how life works. Feel free to stereotype ME if you want. Fucking white people and their mortgages that they pay on time, and kids that know how to spell. I'm not saying that minority children can't spell, I'm just saying that a lot of them can't spell in English.

      I don't mind if an illegal immigrant robs a convenience store with a fake gun that turns out to be a chorizo taco stuffed into the pocket of his flannel shirt. I just don't want to have to pay for their 10 years in jail. Let that motherfucker out of the pokey, I don't shop where they sell cigarettes in singles anyway.  America will still be safe, at least the parts that really matter. Boycott all you want illegal aliens. Just ease up with your "I got so mad that I made a fucking three-dollar sign." So what? I got so mad that I traded in my BMW because I didn't like the way the windows rolled up. Thanks America.

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